Technical skills are the abilities your staff members need to perform the jobs for which you hired them. This could be anything from engineering skills, programming skills or writing skills to operating equipment efficiently to using the firm’s client relationship management tools or knowing how to interpret website analytics. Technical skills are usually practical, and they are always job specific. This distinguishes them from soft skills, which are transferable. Technical skills are important for all staff but are especially important for lower-level and mid-level managers. That’s because managers are often responsible for training their subordinates. If they don’t know how to complete a task, how can they guide the team or effectively judge others when it comes time for performance reviews? In other words, the need for technical training is still there even as you move up the corporate hierarchy. The training may take a slightly different form– new managers may need training on statistics, data interpretation, budgeting, financial management, project management and business process management, for instance, as well as their usual technical skills training. Fundamentally, the need for technical competence does not go away. We at EXCELLEDIA will provide the best specialized training to mold you into having better technical skills. Your business can largely get benefited with the specialized training seminars in UAE offered by us.


Agribusiness Stakeholder Relations28 Feb – 03 March 2224
Agribusiness Entrepreneurship and New Ventures07 – 10 March 20224
Developing a Sustainable Procurement Policy and Strategy14 – 17 March 20224
Sustainable Energy Project Finance21 – 24 March 20224
Sustainable Agribusiness Methods28 – 31 March 20224
Sustainability, Planning and Environmental Policy04 – 07 April 20224
Agribusiness: The New Policy Space11 – 14 April 20224
Strategic Management of Agribusiness18 – 21 April 20224
Child Protection in Emergencies (CPIE)25 – 28 April 20224
Evaluating the Impact of a Project02 – 05 May 20224
Fundraising and Grants Management Masterclass09 – 12 May 20224
Writing Winning Proposals16 – 19 May 20224
Human Rights in Armed Conflicts (International Humanitarian Law)23 – 26 May 20224
Aid Coordination and Raising Funds From Donor Organizations06 – 09 June 20224
Monitoring and Evaluation for Humanitarians13 – 16 June 20224
Counter Terrorist Operations for Practitioners 20 – 23 June 20224
Threat Assessment in the Public Service27 – 30 June 20224
Search Operations04 – 07 July 20224
Introduction to Hostile Environment Awareness 11 – 14 July 20224
Counter-Terrorism Strategies18 – 21 July 20224
Security for Senior Executives25 – 28 July 20224
Effective Risk and Security Management01 – 04 August 20224
Fundamentals of Counter Terrorism Awareness 08 – 11 August 20224
Public Private Partnerships Fundamentals15 – 18 August 20224
Public Sector Reform: Impact of Private Investment22 – 25 August 20224
Negotiating and Managing PPP Contracts05 – 08 September 20224
PFIs and Private Sector Finance12 – 15 September 20224
Project Finance and PPP19 – 22 September 20224
Developing PPP Programmes and Initiatives26 – 29 September 20224
Managing International PPP Projects03 – 06 October 20224
Regulating and Monitoring PPP10 – 13 October 20224