Risk And Resilience Academy

Workshop Programme

Excelledia Management Company in partnership with UK Finance Risk and Resilience Academy and KRisk, will enable delegates to develop frameworks, practices and behaviours that instil operational resilience disciplines across the firm.

Following the release of consultation paper CP29/19 the academy explores the principles involved in managing risk and enabling a resilient culture. It makes effective use of organisational knowledge, encourages effective and empowered leaders and enables organisations to deliver on their commitments in the changing environment.

At its core the academy is a comprehensive training course where senior managers follow a two-month programme that includes two, two-day workshops, supplemented by reading lists and downloadable resources. Delegates will have access to dedicated forums to discuss their experiences and receive advice from experienced risk professionals.


Benefits to staff
Benefits to staff


The Academy programme and content is designed to be agile, immersive and responsive, ensuring that we can understand the challenges faced by the cohort and tailor the programme accordingly.

The two-month programme will feature up-to-date case studies and the latest news issues. It will be grounded in the latest industry information and up-todate regulatory direction as well as well-established models, to engage innovative thinking.

More pointedly, the faculty will use the cohort’s own experiences and challenges to make the programme as dynamic, practical and helpful, as possible.

To include but not restricted to:

Podcast introductions from the faculty

Receive detailed faculty feedback on your experiences

Q&A session with your faculty and senior practitioners to answer your critical questions

Join a live monthly webinar with your faculty

Benefit from your faculty’s close analysis of other cohort participants challenges

Carefully curated additional reading and resources so you can take your understanding further

Dedicated private forums to discuss your experiences in confidence

Safe, confidential environment to maximise depth of analysis of real-life challenges

Discuss case-studies on relevant topics and issues


The recommended participants should be colleagues responsible for development of their organisations strategy for operational risk and resilience, these include:


360 learning journey example

Social Learning

The cohort will be formed of a peer group who will learn from each other’s experiences and issues in a confidential and supportive environment under Chatham House rules. As experienced facilitators, the faculty will help the cohort explore individual concerns through frank conversation and ‘social learning’ where each participant is urged to share practical examples, best practice, concerns and successes from within their own organisation over the course of the programme.

This 360-degree approach will ensure that each attendee can reflect fully on what they have learned, tailor their approach, and test different working practices within their organisation. The aim of the Academy is to offer practical, rather than theoretical, solutions.

Learning by doing

The approach of the faculty will be to encourage ‘action learning’ or ‘learning by doing’. Over the course of the programme the cohort will be encouraged to apply, test and feedback on what they have learned through each aspect of the Academy, sharing their experiences and best practice with the group to benefit from feedback and diverse perspectives. This learning cycle should reinforce better working practices and help the cohort to develop behaviours which put customers and values at the heart of decision making.


Grant Kennedy​

Managing Director, KRisk

Grant has worked with senior levels of staff across multiple sectors from critical national infrastctures to finance and insurance. This has led to a rare blend of experience, skills and knowledge capable of influencing and improving operational risk and resilience performance.

Since founding KRisk, Grant, has taken on interim head of risk and resilience roles at critical national infrastructure companies in the utilities and transport sector. Grant alongside his business partner Nicola Brannan has
delivered many successful projects across multiple sectors. Many organisations use KRisk’s courses products and services – further information can be found on ww.krisk.co.

Grant is also the IRMs mentor for the Resilience module of the International Diploma.

Dr Aarti Anhal

Associate Director, KRisk

Aarti is a resilience coach, advisor and mentor. Renowned for her passion for the subject and dynamic style of facilitation, she has been working in the field of security, risk and resilience since 2001.

Formerly a leading risk software company, Aarti has spent her professional career equipping operational teams and executives with the skills and tools they need to build their resilience capabilities and succeed in today’s complex environment.

In addition to delivering advisory services to develop and validate her clients’ resilience, Aarti has successfully led the enterprise-wide implementation of risk and resilience software platforms for airlines, airports, emergency services and government agencies in the UK and across Europe. These projects have helped her clients to strengthen their procedures and processes, improve delegation and ownership of responsibility across the organisation and generate real-time information to
support risk-informed decision making.