Course Overview

This training programme will enable the delegates to learn the ways of conducting an in-depth job analysis in order to write a comprehensive job description primarily focused on the key areas particular to the job. You'll also recognize that groups pay for jobs now; this is why, as an HR expert you need to use job descriptions to analyze jobs objectively and determine their relative values to the business enterprise.

Who Should Attend?

Personnel who can attend this course are
  • HR specialists
  • HR officers
  • HR executives
  • Team leaders
  • HR managers
  • HR business partners

Program Outline

Description: Conducting job analysis
  • Job analysis: The Usage
  • Methods of Job analysis
  • Process of job analysis
  • Guidelines for Job analysis
  • The Job analysis interviews: The Do’s and the Don’ts
  • Practical Exercises
  Job Descriptions: Writing
  • Responsibilities of an organization
  • The concept of writing the job description with the job evaluation system in mind
  • Writing job descriptions: The key result areas (KRA’s)
  • The format and the language of job descriptions
  • Effectiveness of the job description: The ultimate test
  • Practical Exercises
  • Job evaluation: Overview
  • Job evaluation: Definition
  • The Internal consistency and the job evaluation
  • Job evaluation: Objectives
  Methods of job evaluation
  • Simple ranking: Concept
  • Understanding the Grade classification
  • Factor points systems: An overview
  • Understanding the main factor points systems
  • Choice of system : An overview
  The Case Study of Job evaluation system
  • Describing the system's seven compensable factors
  • The explanations of the system factors: factor by factor
  • The Judgmental and non-judgmental factors
  • Guidelines of the system
  • The Job evaluation system: The sources of error
  • Evaluators: The key essential ingredients
  Maintenance and the concept of Administration
  • The significance of job descriptions
  • The Policy for Job evaluation
  • Job evaluation confidentiality
  • The process of job evaluation
  • Procedures and administration
  • Description: Management of job evaluation through the committee process
  • The significance of communication in job evaluation

Program Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Assess the jobs through the use of job evaluation system
  • Execute the basic fundamental principles of evaluation and job analysis
  • Analyze the available options for job evaluation and form knowledgeable decisions on which the job evaluation system can be used
  • Compose and write JDs (Job Descriptions) based on in-depth job analysis
  • Arrange In-depth job analysis interviews
  • Explain the significance of job evaluation as a tool to assure fairness and internal consistency
  • Explain the significance of the effective administration of the job evaluation systems

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