Course Overview

  • Why manage risk and resilience?
  • Threats to resilience
  • Benefits to integrated resilience management
  • What is resilience management?
  • Regulatory approach
  • What it takes to survive and thrive
  • Understanding international standards
  • Core steps to achieve a resilient organisation


  • Develop foundation of knowledge of organisational and operational risk and resilience international standards and best practice
  • Understand the current thinking of the regulators and how to get ahead


  • Be informed and knowledgeable on risk and resilience standards, regulation and best practice and use these principles to drive your organisation to become resilient
  • Increased confidence on the principles of risk management with the ability to clearly articulate the benefits to your stakeholders
  • Understand the context of risk and resilience in your organisation
  • Sharing of experience on risk and resilience amongst participants

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