Course Overview

  • Identifiers of a strong risk and resilient culture
  • Competence and capability
  • Risk based thinking and individual response to risk
  • Personal predisposition and perception to risk (your own risk profile)
  • Personnel risk; understand how to manage the threat from within
  • People resilience pre, during and after an incident


  • Appreciate what is required for a strong, embedded resilient culture and how to implement this
  • Better understand individuals; what drives them, what discourages them, their level of risk awareness
  • Learn how to get the best out of your people during a major incident


  • Knowledge of the indicators of good risk and resilience culture
  • Actions to drive your organisation towards having a proactive risk and resilience culture at operational and organisational levels
  • Greater appreciation of potential insider threats and an understanding of how to identify and manage these threats and vulnerabilities
  • Better protect and manage people during a crisis
  • Increased opportunities for organisational success resulting from enhanced people performance
  • Risk and resilience-based thinking, decision making, and communication embedded into the operational rhythm of your organisation

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