Course Overview

This Training course can facilitate senior players within the buying role to become a lot of responsive to their operate. every module is strategically organized therefore on derive optimum learning application worth for participants. The educational program define is up thus far and pertinent to marketplace needs, therefore business well to any or all analytical prediction of training wants within the such as space. a customized proposal can  be organized, to suit the training demand of your team.

Who Should Attend?

Senior buyers, purchasing supervisors, purchasing managers and other material management personnel.

Program Outline

  • Role of Purchasing Management
-Total Value Analysis -Linking the Purchasing Function with the Organization’s Strategy -Optimizing Purchasing Productivity  
  • Proper Buying of Materials
-Proper Buying of Services -Effective Buying of Capital Equipment -Supporting the Production of the Final Product -Adding Value to the Total Organization  
  • Negotiating with Suppliers
-Qualities of a Successful Negotiator -The Right Time to Negotiate with Suppliers -Proper Planning Strategies -Things to Do Before the Negotiation -Things to Do During the Negotiation -Things to Do After the Negotiation -The Number of Suppliers to Negotiate with -Choosing the Right Supplier  
  • Managing and Evaluating the Department Performance
-Centralization versus Decentralization -Advantages of Centralized Purchasing -Advantages of Decentralized Purchasing -Reasons for Departmental (Macro-Level) Performance Appraisal -Designing and Conducting User Surveys  
  • Creating a Strong Purchasing Team
-Distributing the Correct Workload among the Buyers -Increasing the Efficiency of the Buyer -Training the Purchasing Staff -Technical Training on Products and Commodities to Increase Productivity T-he Number of Training Hours per Year  
  • Visiting Suppliers as a Training Tool
-Commodity Rotation as a Training Tool -Continuous Professional Development -Training on Ethical Behaviour  
  • Factors in a Buy/Lease Decision
-Buying versus Leasing -The Advantages of Leasing -The Advantages of Buying -Breakeven Point between Buying and Leasing  

  Program Objectives

" By the End of the program, participants are ready to:
  • Identify the necessary structure role of the business department
  • Use correct negotiation techniques with suppliers
  • Evaluate the performances of the department at the macro level
  • Decide once to buy  or lease supported key getting factors

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