Course Overview

This three day intensive course enables participants to develop the necessary expertise and knowledge to support an organization in implementing and managing a Security Incident Management process based on ISO/IEC 27035. Participant will also be given a thorough grounding in best practices used to Implement Security Incident Management processes from all areas of ISO/IEC 27035.

Who should attend?

  • Incident Managers
  • Risk Managers of Information Security
  • Individuals in charge for information security within an organization
  • Security and Business Process consultants
  • Managers of Business Continuity
  • Project managers or consultants wanting to implement an Incident Management process
  • Technical experts wanting to prepare for an Incident Management audit function and so on.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the basic operations related to an Incident Management process
  • Explain the goal, content and correlation between ISO/IEC 27035 and other standards and regulatory frameworks
  • Explain the functioning of a security incident management and its core processes
  • Acquire the necessary knowledge of the implementation and maintenance of a security incident response process
  • Acquire the expertise to advise an organization on incident management best practices
  • Strengthen the personal qualities necessary to act with due professional care when managing security incidents

Course Agenda

Day 1: Introduction to ISO/IEC 27035 and overview of Security Incident Management
  • Course objectives and structure
  • Information security incident management
  • ISO 27035 core processes
  • Fundamental principles of information security
  • Linkage to business continuity
Day 2: Designing and preparing an Incident Management Process
  • Initiating a Security Incident Management Process
  • Understanding the organization and clarifying the objectives
  • Plan and prepare an Incident Management Process
  • Roles, functions, policies and procedures
Day 3: Enacting, monitoring and continuous improvement of the Incident Management process
  • First implementation steps
  • Implementing Detecting and Reporting
  • Implementing lessons learned
  • Further analysis
  • Analysis of lessons learned


Knowledge on Security Incident Management is preferred

Educational approach

This training is based on both, theory and practice:
  • Practical exercises
  • Review exercises to assist the exam preparation
  • Exam preparation guides tests similar to the certification exam

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