Course Overview

  • Integrated high-level resilience structures and models
  • Establish governance; bring coherence, leadership, capability and decision making
  • Understand context: define risk appetite; strategy and objectives
  • Communication ownership and strategies; building a clear direction, of what you want to achieve and how to get there
  • The risk process: strategic risk and running effective risk workshops and reporting


  • Be able to apply what you have learnt about resilience into a case study organisation to better understand practical implementation
  • Understand the range of resilience structures and models
  • Work to understand the resilience tools and techniques and the right time to use them
  • Develop resilience workshop skills


  • Clarification on the steps required to implement a risk and resilience framework
  • Understanding of the key risk and resilience tools and techniques available
  • Learn how to gather resilience information and make informed decisions
  • Ability to plan, run and present an effective resilience workshop

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