27th – 31st March 2023  |  9:30 AM – 2:30 PM GMT  |   London – United Kingdom

Course Overview

The Context – harmonise your Business As Usual with best practice standards Every organisation is striving to grow amidst the complex regulatory landscape in a highly competitive world, and keeping the organisation fit for purpose is crucial to survive and sustain in this ruthless journey. How organised are you as an organisation? Every business has been formed by people; they are assigned roles based on their skill sets to achieve the business goals. What have you equipped them with, do they have the right technologies, equipment, tools best practice standards, and frameworks? Having too many of them which confuses the workforce's thinking, do we focus on our business as usual or take care of the growing needs of reporting, standardisation, legal and regulatory needs? What are the best ways to practice your business as one organisation aligning with all the legal and regulatory requirements, business-as-usual needs, standards, and guidelines all of them embedded into one place, there is one. Let's catch up and explore ways of learning this as a team, this is not a technology or software system that will help you practice your business as usual with all other elements like quality, health, safety, information, cyber security, and environment all in one place. Let's join hands to harmonise your business into one. While offering your products and services find ways to boost your customer, employee, and supplier confidence by having the strongest business continuity, information, and cyber security, health, and safety practices with the highest customer satisfaction through efficient quality & innovation on top of your business as usual. Innovation is about improving the way we work, finding new ways of getting things done with a positive impact on everyone and everything around us.  
The Harmonized Structure has replaced the High-Level Structure in May 2021. That means that from now on, the Harmonized Structure will be used for drafting new ISO management system standards and future revisions of existing ISO management system standards.  

The Journey

Program Outline/Syllabus

Day One
  • Building the business & team – Discover
    • Build your brand & team
    • Define the market, product, service portfolio & business model
    • Setting the basics right – founding principles to rely on
    • Establishing the vision, mission, values and goals, the strategic direction and purpose
    • Choosing the way of work – rule-based, or outcome-based?
    • Understanding the customer and their areas of focus, the ones that will make an impact
    • Listing the key players of the game and roles, within and beyond the business
    • Analyze the micro and macro factors affecting the goals
    • Connect to the key players and their needs
    • Business glossary and vocabulary – aligning key terms and terminologies
Day Two
  • Lets get the planning sorted – Design
    • Organizational Governance
    • Playing a dart game
    • Organizational goals and objectives, the strategy
    • Helping your favourite football club to strategize – playing the big league
    • Key performance indicators
    • Understanding the risk and compliance landscape and planning them
    • People, process, roles, competencies, training, and performance
    • Process, activities, controls, roles, delegation and dependencies
    • Assets, Technology, tools, systems (soft & hard), people and process
    • Capital, managing capex and opex
    • Information management - organizational knowledge, policies, procedures
    • Communication, the winner
Day Three
  • Practice your plans – Deliver
    • Operational procedures, SOPs and workflows
    • Venture maturity - demand and supply management
    • Customer needs and expectations, product and service delivery
    • Suppliers and other key stakeholders
    • Portfolio, programme & Projects
    • Initiatives, milestones, and tasks
    • Business impact analysis, continuity planning and disaster recovery
    • Practicing information and cyber security controls, plus other critical controls
    • Emergency preparedness and critical
    • Incident management and investigation
Day Four
  • Learn & sustain – Drive
    • Dashboards, analysis, reports
    • Wish list - The white sheet exercise
    • Strategic assessments, audits, and business reviews – top-down approach
    • Positive impact analyzer
    • Learning by doing, replicating the success and preventing failures
    • Coaching & mentoring
    • The science of decision-making
Day Five
  • Simulate
    • Simulate the journey using the harmony tool
    • Knowledge graph
    • Deciding the way forward

Delivery approach

Learning by doing, seeking and offering help, business is all about people and their confidence Old school learning, No PowerPoint presentations 😊 Live Business Creation and Game Session  

Benefits of Attending the Training.

  • Helps you to understand the Harmonized structure of ISO Standards.
  • Helps to familiarize yourself with multiple ISO standards at the same time.
  • Complete knowledge about the Management System to perform internal audits, prepare reports and manage risk within the organization.
  • Helps you to understand how Multiple ISO standards are implemented and integrated into organizations that help them to achieve their goals.
  • Helps in Decoding the Harmonized structure and becomes expert in Multiple standards at the same time.
  • Course covers all aspects of ISO Harmonized structure; it provides knowledge about planning, executing, and reporting an audit. It allows provides an understanding of how to effectively perform audits within an organization to identify gaps and risks that might exist in any part of the organization.
  • Ability to conduct an internal audit on any Management Systems for your own organization or any other company.
  • Understand the ISO certification process and create top management support for achieving business goals.
  • Communication and presentation skills that help you to present your findings in audit reports.
  • Helps you in getting the ISO certification for your organization which increases the credibility of your business.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wishes to Decode the Harmonized Structure of ISO Standards and thereby become expert in multiple Standards.

Certification / Recognition

The course is not a Certification program but a learning session which will help to understand the Harmonized structure of ISO standards and to learn how to become experts in Multiple standards. Participants will get Completion Certificate from Excelledia ventures.

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