Course Overview

This training programme will provide the delegates with an insight on the tools and techniques of management accounting, which can be utilized by top management for the achievement of value growth. Delegates will be able to understand the ways to associate on long-term goals in the financial strategy with day-to-day management tools, which includes budgeting.

Who Should Attend?

Personnel who can attend this course are
  • Budgeting managers
  • Administration officers
  • Accountants
  • Finance officers

Program Outline

Introduction to performance, planning, strategy and control Budgeting and Variance Analysis: Principles Macro and Micro: Budget Conceptualization The concept of Categorizing industry risk across a range of key factors Associating business unit analysis, financial strategy and budgeting Key performance indicators & Ratios Analysis DU PONT framework: Introduction and overview Description: Liquidity Ratios and profitability Working Capital Cycle: Overview Overview: Solvency and capital structure Cash Flow Analysis: Description Introduction to Project Appraisal and capital budgeting Difference between IRR and NPV Pay Back Period: Description Introduction to Profitability Index Decision Making: Description Sensitivity Analysis: Overview Cost of Debt and cost of equity : The Cost of capital Description: Using the tools of project appraisal to assess strategy in financial terms The concept of Using Valuation Principles to analyze financial strategy Value Drivers: Explanation Analysis of market signal Understanding Value Chain Analysis of every business function

Program Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand Working Capital Cycle
  • Use tools and techniques for Budgeting and Variance Analysis
  • Apply Valuation Principles to analyze financial strategy
  • Calculate the Cost of Debt and cost of equity

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