Course Overview

The program permits participants to use framework learnt, perceive core financial statements, notes and supplementary informatuion. The educational program define is  up to now and pertinent to marketplace necessities, therefore business well to any or all analytical prediction of training needs within the such space. a customized proposal can even be organized, to suit the training demand of your team.

Who Should Attend?

Professionals within the field of finance and accounting, financial analysts, department heads, senior management team members, financial controllers, finance managers, chief and money accountants who agency perform business analysis and supply money recommendations.

Program Outline

  • budget associate analysis: An Introduction
  • Role of monetary news and Analysis
  • The Core financial Statements and also the Importance of the Annual Report
  • The necessary Role of Notes and Supplementary data
  • Objective and kinds of Audits of monetary Statements
  • budget Analysis Framework
  • The Accounting Cycle
  • money news Mechanics
  • Relationship, parts and Classification of monetary Statements
  • money news Standards
  • Importance of news Standards in Security Analysis and Valuation
  • The Standards Setting Bodies
  • International money news Standards versus typically Accepted Accounting Principles
  • Understanding money Statements
  • operating statement elements
  • Revenue and Expense Recognition
  • record Components:
  • measure and Classification
  • income Statement:
  • in operation, Investing, and funding Activities
  • Direct versus Indirect strategies in income Preparation
  • Financial Analysis Techniques
  • magnitude relation Analysis:
  • Liquidity: Current, Quick, and cash Ratios
  • quality Management and Activity Ratios
  • Solvency: Debt, Equity, and Times Interest attained Ratios
  • Profitability: gross margin, profit margin, come on Assets, come on Equity
  • Market and Valuation: Price-Earnings and Earnings Per Share Ratios
  • Vertical Analysis and Strategy: record and operating statement Approaches
  • analysis and Growth
  • DuPont Analysis: The Three-Step and Five-Step Models
  • Time-Series and Cross-Sectional Analysis
  • Limitation of magnitude relation Analysis
  • budget Analysis: Applications and shows
  • Evaluating a Company’s Past Performance
  • Comprehensive Real-Life Analysis of in public listed firms

Program Objectives

By the end of the program, participants are going to be in a position to:
  • Apply the framework of financial statement analysis
  • Demonstrate skills at the foundations of magnitude relation and financial analysis
  • carryout company and trade analysis
  • Implement the method of company analysis and analysis
  • Analyse real-life financial statements from firms listed on the world and GCC stock exchanges

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