Course Overview

In the interest of maximising results in all agribusiness ventures, this intensive training program is a culmination of modules specifically offering great avenues for stakeholder relationship enhancement. The program define is updated and pertinent to marketplace needs, so catering well to all or any analytical prediction of training requirements in specific areas. A customized proposal may be organized, to suit the coaching demand of your team.  

Who Should Attend?

Senior level managers in private and public sector organisations who are looking to brush up their knowledge of agri-business stakeholder relations in order to develop growth within their organisation and country.

Program Outline

Influencing policy, promoting new products, programs, and initiatives, and managing crisis all require strong stakeholder relations to develop an agri-business effectively. This program will demonstrate to delegates the importance of understanding Public-Private sector dialogue on agri-business development whilst identifying good stakeholder practices for effective agri-business governance.

Program Objectives

Delegates will gain knowledge and skills to:
  • Identify agri-business stakeholders (production, distribution, services, research, business administration)
  • A guide to good stakeholder practices and governance
  • Prioritise key people by their power, influence, and interest
  • Develop techniques for strengthening relations between producers and processors
  • Ability to network with influencers for agri-business development

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