Course Overview

A well-researched and ability building program that will enable every delegate to touch upon Enterprise Building and initiate new business enterprise Ventures with a revived zeal. The training program define is up to this point and pertinent to marketplace needs, therefore business well to any or all analytical prediction of training needs within such that space. a customized proposal also can be organized, to suit the training demand of your team.

Who Should Attend:

Managers and other functions who are currently working in the agri-business sector who wish to develop their knowledge and skills.

Program Outline:

This program introduces theory, observe and analysis into beginning and growing new agri-business ventures. The program can explore matching new styles of venture to entrepreneurial goals, the worth creation method, planning business models for worth, assessing market attractiveness, networking, raising finance, writing business plans, franchising, managing growth and making competitive advantage.

Program Objectives:

Delegates will gain knowledge and skills to:
  • Understand introduction terminology of entrepreneurship.
  • Understand the organisation of agri-business enterprises.
  • Consider enterprise business planning & marketing.
  • Improve record keeping and business planning.
  • Develop credit management techniques.

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