Course Overview

The Communication Skills training Course provides sensible, effective tools to change clear and effective communication all  aspects of each your personal and work-related relationships with skills like reading visual communication, recognising temperament varieties, active listening and much more. The educational program define is  up to date  and pertinent to marketplace needs, therefore business well to any or all analytical prediction of training needs within the such space. a personalized proposal may also be organized, to suit the training demand of your team.

Who Should Attend?

Employees, supervisors, middle managers and senior managers seeking to take their communication skills to the next level by developing advanced communication techniques and strategies.

Program Outline

  • Defining Effective Communication
  • Communication Overview
  • Evolution of Communication
  • Communicating for Results
  • Understanding Elements of Communication
  • The Element of Noise
  • Mehrabian’s 55-38-7 Rule
  • Overcoming Communication Anxiety
  • The Art of Listening
  • Effective Listening and Paraphrasing Techniques
  • Understanding Different Listening Styles
  • Improving the Information Recall Rate
  • Assessing Personal Listening Profiles
  • Internal Listening Filters
  • Sensory Input Channels
  • Internal Filter Systems
  • 6 Listening Meta Programs
  • Avoiding the Loss of Information
  • Mastering Body Language
  • The Art of Body Language
  • Components of Non Verbal Communication
  • The Power of Appearances
  • Elicit Thinking Patterns through Eye Movement
  • Building Rapport using Body Language
  • Advanced Assertiveness Skills
  • Understanding Assertiveness
  • The Power of Self Talk
  • Assertiveness Rights and Responsibilities
  • Managing Criticism Assertively
  • The Power of Persuasion
  • Characteristics of Influence
  • 6 Principles of Persuasion
  • Sources of Power
  • Dealing with Difficult People

Program Objectives

By the top of the program, participants are ready to:
  • Utilize advanced communication tools and skills.
  • Discover totally different personal listening designs.
  • perceive and harness the facility of visual communication.
  • Apply human language technology meta programs to enhance their understanding of individuals.
  • apply and use self-assertiveness skills in numerous things.
  • Unlock the secrets of influence for effective communication.

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