Course Overview

This training programme will provide the delegates with a feasible understanding of accident preparedness and the investigation process descriptions in the case of an accident. Acquire the skills and knowledge to handle or take part in formal support investigations and accident response.

Who Should Attend?

This training programme is recommended for Personnel who are involved in accident investigations from Airlines Civil aviation authorities Airport authorities Accident investigation agencies and related aviation organizations Air navigation service providers

Program Outline

  • Introduction to safety: Basic concepts and terminology.
  • Understanding State accident investigation responsibilities especially Annex 13, 19 and ICAO Doc 9859.
  • Description of National and domestic provisions and military provisions: European regulation.
  • An overview: Readiness and preparation for an investigation into an aircraft accident.
  • Managing an accident response: The step-by-step process.
  • Understanding the concept of Participation in on-site investigation including safety on the accident site.
  • Incident and accident investigation techniques: Description. Flight recorders: Overview.
  • The concept of Airframe investigation.
  • Ways to manage investigation into the power plant both on-site and in the workshop: Overview. - Fire investigation: Introduction.
  • Ways to investigate various aircraft systems: Brief overview.

Program Objectives

The programme will enable the participants to:
  • Handle accident preparedness.
  • Acknowledge the accident investigation process and strategies.
  • Cooperate and support formal investigations.

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