CIC Certified Innermetrix Consultant Certification, May 17-19

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A unique global certification that qualifies you as a consultant in three world class profiles on human Behaviors, Values and Natural Talents based on the groundbreaking researches of

The Attribute Index

Dr. Robert S Hartman, Measures how we think and make decisions

The DISC Index

Dr. William Marston, Measures our preferred behavioral style

The Values Index

Dr. Edward Spranger & Dr. Gordon Alport’s , Measures our motivational style & Values


Training & Career Development, Happiness Assessments, Innovation aseesmsents, Succession Planning,Rewards & Recognition, Employee Engagement, Retention, TNA, Job Benchmarking, Recruitment,Organizational Culture, Competency Mapping, Continual improvement, Coaching..etc

TNA , ROI , Job Benchmarking , Training or Competency Mapping. Hit the right spot in a scientific manner

Organizational Values, Culture, Motivational Needs, Human Analytics &Organizational Health Check &
Restructuring. Get to know the real business

Blind spots, Self Esteem & Masked Behaviors. Kick start your coaching career with deep insights from the
ADV profiles

Recruitment, Rewards & Recognition , Succession Planning or Zombie ism. Dive deep into real insights

Benefits of becoming a Certified Innermetrix Consultant


First Task based profiling tool in the world

First assessment with Internals’ score

First Drag and Drop assessment method

Benefits of becoming a Certified Innermetrix Consultant

This was the first CIC conference in Dubai hosted by master Distributor Mohamed shabeer from Excelledia , all who attended entered a competition on presenting a case studies of their clients who they did work for, using IMX profiles. The winners were presented with their awards, richly deserved .

In October we had another CIC event with Mohamed Shabeer and the Excelledia team . they are building a fantastic network of independent professionals in the UAE region . they are using IMX world class tools and methodologies to enhance their own business and add value to there portfolio.

Allan Miller

Allan Miller, owner and founder of Innermetrix UK & Managing Director of Innermetrix International, Europe, UAE, Australia, South Africa, India and Indonesia.

Allan has built a network of very talented and successful partnerships across these countries in the last

14 years by running his own consulting & coaching business, with Innermetrix being at the forefront of this journey.

He has worked closely with CEO of Innermetrix Inc., Jay Niblick over the last ten years.

Over the years, Allan has become a dynamic Training & Development Consulting specialist, with extensive Management experience working with leading blue-chip Companies, a Certified Professional Behaviour Analyst, a Professional Values Analyst, an Attribute Index Analyst, Member of CIPD and a level 5 coach.

Allan has a history of successful delivery of a wide range of training solutions within blue chip organisations. His ability to communicate effectively at all levels of an organisation has been pivotal to success and he is accustomed to working under pressure in demanding situations. Allan is also commercially focussed and aware of the need to balance profitability with customer loyalty. His success has been generated by a hands-on consultative approach to clients.