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We do not just offer standalone assessments but offer a full fledge solution to solve the individual and organizational challenges. Whether it is for recruitment, development, or cultural alignment one of the major challenges while rolling out assessments within organizations is the mindset of the employees which acts as a major roadblock due to the lack of clarity on why they are being assessed. We try to make this is as an enjoyable gamified experience to get the most accurate results which then can be compared or aggregated using our unique analytical dashboards. Excelledia is also the regional master distributor of Innermetrix Assessments, a world class assessment tool that combines the best of three world-class profiles as listed below. While there are several companies offering assessment services, we go a step further to analyse and see the trend and story behind the assessment data with our cutting-edge assessment analytics.

The Attribute Index

Dr. Robert S Hartman, measures how we think and make decisions (WHAT)

The DISC Index

Dr. William Marston, measures our preferred behavioural style (HOW)

The Values Index

Dr. Spranger & Dr. Allport, measures our motivational style and drivers (WHY)

The Attribute Index measures WHAT natural talents a person has, based on how they think and make decisions. The Values Index measures WHY a person is motivated to use their talents, based on motivational drivers. And, the DISC Index measures HOW a person prefers to use their talents, based on the natural behavioural style.

Together they create the WHAT, WHY and HOW of human performance; What natural talents do you have, Why are you motivated to use them and How do you prefer to use them.

This is one of the most comprehensive psychometric battery on the market today and puts you in the position to provider greater value to your clients than any other profile on the globe.

A high level of self-awareness and discovery are the core to achieving peak performance in any role or endeavour, and to ensure that you properly align what you do best with how you do it and why.


Used by consultants for

Individual assessments

Coaching & Training

Team efficiency

Competency Assessment

Learning Needs Analysis

The Attribute Index is a revolutionary profile for consultants to measure organizational skills and competencies and to increase individual and team efficiency and effectiveness. Built specifically for the business environment, and to be easy to use by any manager, the Attribute Index assesses an individual’s cognitive style (i.e., how they think).

Our Founder, Jay Niblick, built this profile based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Robert S. Hartman (Yale/MIT). The profile is a uniquely powerful way of assessing 70 + soft skill competencies in an individual related to different businesses.

Over 30 validation studies make the Attribute Index one of the most powerful and reliable profiles on the market today. Used by over 600,000 people in over 31 countries, the Attribute Index can help in finding, developing and keeping the very best talent.


Used by consultants for

Coaching & Training

Relationship Management

Conflict resolution

Recruitment & Retention

Team Development

Succession Planning

The DISC Index Profile is the most contemporary interpretation of Dr William Marston’s ground‐breaking work into how to understand and measure a person’s natural behavioural style. Understanding individual behavioral preferences and habits is crucial when working with team members as a leader or manage of others, or in an environment that requires conflict resolution. The DISC Index can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as recruiting process, succession planning, professional development, training and development.

The DISC Index profile is unique in that it:


Used by consultants for

Career Guidance

Value Assessment

Understanding motivation

Selection decisions

Engagement & Retention

The Values Index combines the work of Dr. Eduard Spranger & Dr. Gordon Allport to create the most powerful motivations profile on the market today. Such information is vital when it comes to motivating employees, making hiring and selection decisions, understanding performance issues or anywhere that requires understanding what drives, motivates and inspires an individual. Understanding WHY someone does what they do enable you to start your journey as an independent coach, trainer or consultant or part of a corporate business that you can make a real difference.

1. Innovation Assessment

Innermetrix Assessment for all participants

An insightful 26-page customized report shared

An instant Photo with the suitable Value Avatar

Feedback session with the coach


Used by consultants for

Business improvement

Relationship Management

Long-term growth assessment

Engagement & Retention

The Innermetrix team developed the Organizational Health Checkup to investigate 55 areas necessary for optimum performance of any business. The study also determines the extent of workforce alignment with your company’s objectives and culture. The results of the Organizational Health Checkup will identify the major areas to be targeted for improvement and reinforcement.

Your business health and workforce alignment scores, with accurate results in 11 different key performance areas, will enable you to develop a long-term plan for business improvement with sustainable growth.

Having this level of holistic understanding for the overall health of your organization will allow you to positively identify problems more efficiently and maximize existing high-performing business segments more effectively.

The OHC profile indicates the degree of current and future business health and sustainability.